All about our company

Synergy is what makes our team stand out from the crowd of others. In the long run, we have successfully implemented more than 150 affiliate programs and directly cooperated with the largest community of CIS’s best publishers.

Facts by numbers
years in business
A decade of growth
From year to year we help our partners and customers, extending our affiliate marketing capabilities.
The heart of business
We constantly draw talented professional marketing experts who help us to improve.
affiliate programs
Numbers do not lie
Our main motivation is to see the results of our customer. Our main priority is to orient on the KPI of our advertiser.
specialists per week
Growth of expertise
With each new week, our team becomes 3 professionals stronger, thus increasing the expertise of full cycle marketing for blockchain projects.
For the last five years, we’ve managed to develop a leading affiliate program on the Ukrainian market.

However, the time has come to move on. We’ve had 60 000+ publishers registered for the entire period of work on SalesDoubler. Personally, I’ve made acquaintances with hundreds of cool guys, we’ve gathered a super-team and acquired immense experience which will come in handy in building a better affiliate program for our publishers to earn money worldwide.

Starting practically from zero, we nevertheless know what is that publishers need. We understand what we need to do to expand the platform, link up new niches, develop and integrate tools for publishers. Our main aim is to create a community in which everybody will have a chance to grow, make money and simply take pleasure in communicating with like-minded people! Join us!

Vladimir Sakharov
Founder of Ukrainian CPA-network No. 1 SalesDoubler
When talking to SEO specialists, I constantly hear the same questions time and again:
  • What niche to choose for a start?
  • Who doesn’t shave but rather pays honestly?
  • How to start using oversea traffic with a small budget?

To answer these questions, we decided to create the best affiliate program for you, guys.

In our opinion, the best affiliate program looks as follows:

  • affiliate program, which honesty you do not doubt — we are responsible for it with our own name;
  • where you can always find new monetary niches as there is a dedicated team that searches, analyzes and links up the best advertisers;
  • which has the team Publisher Success working to help you reach your goals, assisting you on each stage of your way to the elite publishers.

Join us, we are just warming up, but there will be lots of interesting, profitable and fun things.

Yevgeniy Nekoz
One of the founders of the largest community of SEO specialists SEMPRO